Tuesday, 10 June 2014

One Mans Trash

Yesterday was a lovely day, we had a visit from Mr Knitwits Nanny and Grandad! And they came bearing gifts!
As it turns out Nanny had been having a little bit of a clear out and was getting rid of some knitting stuff! YAY! And guess who was first in line? Lil ol ME!
There was some lovely chunky wool! (I've already turned the fluffy greyish beigee one into a cowl!)
And the big dark ball at the back is really stunning , you can't tell on the photo but it has a lot of jewel tones running through it!
And there was this beauty! I was so thrilled to be given this, it has instructions for everything, cabling, lace knitting, knitting in the round, and changing colour but to name a few!
But the best bit! It's absolutely full of patterns! Here are some personal favourites!
I think we might be seeing a new type of doorstop emerging!
A ladies evening dress! I'm assuming that you'd want to be pretty sure on your tension, needle size and the stretch of the wool for this bad boy! Unless of course your that sort of women! Ooft!
I actually think this is pretty adorable as far as children's knitwear goes, I think it could look quite sweet in a girly colour palette
I actually LOVE this! No hear me out, ignore the bunches, and the ice cream and the VERY pink trousers. Now picture it in a nice cream, or charcoal?  I think it could be quite nice for snuggling up in? what do you think?
In other news I finished another cowl yesterday, just need to stitch it together!
And if you have ever knitted your own evening dress PLEASE! let me know!
Much Love

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