Monday, 2 March 2015

I'll rip it apart and stitch it back together...

Do you know what this is? 

Well do you? No? 

It's the peices of my Robert dress, yes that's right thepieces I ripped it apart yesterday. 

Ripped it apart.

This was only the second actual garment I'd ever made and I was soooooo proud. It had seams and I ironed and I finished everything perfectly. 

It also didn't fit well
Or suit me
Or feel comfortable to wear
And I didn't like wearing it, something I realised during OWOP. 

So I tried to fix it:
I added darts, and a button and more darts.

But it still wasn't right,
I thought about doing a different skirt shape as the box pleats weren't exactly thrilling me (I drafted the skirt myself)

And then I thought what would I do if this was a cheap and nasty fabric and not the material for my grandad Roberts suit? I'd bin it, I'd throw that hot mess straight in the bin. 

I haven't though instead I've carefully unpicked every seam (remember these are the ones I finished) with the intention of making a new better garment. Something to the same standard as the things I've been making recently (full credit to Tilly's book on being such a wonderful tutor) something I'd want to wear! 

So at the minute I'm thinking either a cropped collarless jacket or a pencil skirt (maybe with a bow?) what do you think? 

And stay tuned to see the Phoenix rise from the ashes! 

Much love




  1. Sometimes you just have to start again!!! Looking forward to,seeing what you create! X

  2. Ugh I feel your pain of ripping out a LOT of stitches. But, you'll be happier in the end. I quit making clothes when I kept having problems with the patterns not fitting. I'm not into drafting my own. But I used to be able to move darts, expand or take in seams to make a pattern fit. And, then POUF! nothing was working correctly so I quit entirely! You keep at it. I'm sure you'll find something wonderful to make out of the suit.

    1. I was so tempted to just cut the seams instead of ripping them! But I need the fabric! Sad to hear you had problems maybe it's time for round two? X

  3. Vests are a great accent piece!

    1. Gutted that would have been a Brillant idea but I'd cut the peices for a skirt before I read this!


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