Monday, 16 March 2015

A new blanket!

I've started a new blanket but is slllloooooooowwwwwwww going! In fact I haven't done any on it in ages! Like two days! 

It's the same pattern as my previous blanket but this time I'm using navy for the honey comb and a cool colour change for the main part! I opted for colour change wool this time to minimise the amount of ends I have to sew in! 

I'm just hoping I'll have enough of both of them! I love how it looks but I just wish the darn thing would knit itself! 

I also cast on an extra 50 stitches! So hopefully this one will be bigger than a tea towel! 

I'm other news where's the sunshine gone? It keeps appearing but then hiding again and it's making me sad! I even put on my me made striped tunic  top today in the hopes of coaxing it out! 

It failed! 

Much love




  1. Love this pattern! And the colour change wool looks awesome :)

    1. I'm a massive fan of colour change wool! Takes all the hard work out of making pretty knitting! X


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