Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The glorified tea towel!

I knitted a blanket! A baby one of course, I followed the honeycomb stroller blanket from raverly. And I'm happy to say not only was it easy as pie to knit (even for a beginner like me!) it turned out super cute too!

I didn't have enough of any one colour so I used a selection of blue, green and violet tones from my stash. And I used a fluffy aqua wool as my main colour, I have oodles of this wool but I hate knitting with it because the fibres make my hands sore. 

I'd say it's pretty gender neutral? People don't tend to stick to the whole pink for a girl blue for a boy thing anymore do they? 

The only real problem with it is that it's pretty dinky , probably because I didn't have the right sized needles so I used a smaller pair. I think it's a good baby size (I mean they are pretty small) but mr Knitwit says it tea towel sized. 

As with all matters of the world the male is wrong! 

In fact the pattern is so pretty that I've cast on another one and written out the pattern for mr knitwits nan! 

This time I'm using a colour change yarn, and I've cast on more stitches to make it bigger! I'm using a colour change yarn becuase weaving in all those ends is such a snooze! 

This time I might forgo the border aswell because  I seem to be in solemnly of picking up stitches evenly! 

Much love



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