Friday, 27 February 2015

Vintage pattern pledge! Update 1!

So as many of you know I'm taking part in the vintage pattern pledge this year, I've decided to finally have a go at the pattern my dad brought me years ago.... So let's have an update! 

The pattern - vogue 9255
Where? - brought from a stall at the goodwood revival
Price - five English pounds! 

Details -  it's a dress (well durr) which you can have with or without cumberbund and bow and with or without sleeves. 

No. Of pattern peices 10! All of which were there and intact although some had been altered! More on that later!. 

Instructions where also included (wipes brow) 

The view I'm going to try and achieve is view A! But there is already at least one change I'm going to make! 

Okay so what have I done so far? I've copied the pattern onto spare wallpaper so I don't have to risk damaging the original pattern!

Fun fact! Vintage patterns have no markings! Seriously it's just holes! Like a five year old had been let loose with a hole punch! I mean what the fizzle wizzle!? How do you no what to do? Well you stare, you make a brew, you squint and then you go hmmm well that's where the darts might go and theirs holes and they are in a triangle shape! EUREKA! 

Here you can just about see the alterations the previous owner made, I'm guessing she knew what she was doing as the fold to take out the excess what tacked down. The bodice front and back pieces had excess folded over and the skirt had it folded over and tacked and also pinned at the hem, I can see why she/he did it though becuase even with the folds the skirt still looks five stops past modest, I'm not sure what that levels called though? Mother Teresa ? 

And that's all really!

Much love




  1. If I remember rightly the holes are for you to do your tailors tacks through !! Xx

    1. I hate tailors tacks :( ain't nobody got time for dat ! X

  2. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, love the style :) xx

    1. I love the style aswell I'm just worried that the neckline might be a little high fir me x


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