Wednesday, 25 March 2015

10 things I hate about sewing...

Don't get me wrong , I love! To sew! It relaxes me, it makes me happy and it fills my wardrobe up nicely. But hers 10 things that I really hate about sewing! 

1 - zips

In general, all shapes lengths and sizes! Nothing quite makes me swear as much as putting in a zip!

2 - darts 

Purely becuase of the amount of times I've stood in front of the mirror thinking "are these bust darts to pointy? Are they pointing at my nipples? Is he staring at my boobs becuase my bust darts are wonky or becuase he's a male?"

3 - bias binding

Just EURGH! It's fiddly and just EURGH! 

4 - tracing patterns 

You always miss off one peice. Just saying.

5 - 

When the bobbin runs out

"Oh doing a long row of top stitching are you? Nearly perfect is it? All those pins taken out are they? And I'll finish now I think........oh it's ruined.....shame"

6 - the moment you nearly sew through your finger.

It's 2am you've very nearly finished , your eyes are bleary and you just want to go to sleep, you see your finger edge toward the needle. You don't move. It moves closer but sheer exhaustion keeps you grounded! The needle grazes your finger and....... You crap your pants and move faster than the flash (that's a comic book reference) 

We sewists dance with death I'm telling you! 

7 - people you don't understand the difference between fabric scissors and regular scissors

Quite simply , if you don't know the difference, ask. If you just use what ever the hell you want, please remove yourself from the planet! 

8 - three threads coming out of the bottom thread area. 

Hmm I'm pretty sure there should only be one of you? So who are the rogues? 

9 - when people interrupt your sewing time. 

Phone rings "no I don't want my windows done, to take your survey or to hear how some distant relative is, please hang up now! 

10 - pattern matching 

Now if that's there, then this should be here, so I guess I'll just have to waste  half a foot of fabric! 

And that's it! 

Is there anything you hate/love about sewing? 

Much love




  1. I totally agree with all of these! I keep my fabric scissors, my pinking shears and my personal paper scissors hidden away from my husband!

    1. My fella asks for permission now, poor lambs been screamed at too many times! X


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