Wednesday, 11 March 2015

It's like a tent, a circus tent, only with armholes...

I'll start today off with a list of things I don't want to talk about..

I don't want to talk about the fact I had the most restless nights sleep ever last night,
Or that when I finally managed to get to sleep I missed my alarm and had to get me and lil Knitwit ready in 15 minutes,
Or about the fact my toasters broken, and that in grilling out hot cross buns I burnt them
Or that lil Knitwit is a grump of his very own today.
Or that I'm having to rock my glasses again because my eye is sore. 

I am however prepared to talk about my most recent make. 

This is a variation of the tunic top from the great british sewing bee book no.2, I didn't have enough fabric for the full length dress version (which looks a bit like a nightie in the picture) so I opted for a summer top. 

I used what was left of the material from my lilou dress for the main body and the flowered yoke fabric was from a small peice that I had in my stash! I'm glad I got to use it actually because it's super soft and adorable. (Not sure why I look so grumpy in this picture)

I used a piece of trim on the front and back center seams to hide the fact that the stripes didn't match. If I had worked really hard I probably could have got them lined up, but life is too dammed short! And it's good excuse to use trim! 

All in all I think it's a tent, but it's also kinda cute I guess? It might work with shorts in the summer it's bigger so it could be nice and cool. 

And I definitely like the fact that the tunic style means it's longer at the back, I'm a huge fan of bum coverage ! 

It's nice to have a new top, and it's cool that it's the second garment I've got out of this fabric! 

Right I'm going to find some chocolate to cheer myself up! 

It never rains but it pours!

Much love


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