Sunday, 15 March 2015

A very happy Mother's Day !

I'm having a great Mother's Day, even if poor mr Knitwit does have to work! 

He and lil Knitwit gave me my gifts last night and as well as chocolates and these beautiful flowers! 

Which lil Knitwit chose all by himself! I also got this lil belter! 

This was a HUGE surprise! Mr Knitwit doesn't quite get the whole "sewing" thing so I never thought that they'd think of it as a gift! Bless em they do listen! And I can't wait to get started! Even after just a quick skim it seems as though it's a much better book than the other two! Especially the first which I didn't even bother to buy to be honest! And I love the pattern hacks! 

This is the first pattern I'm going to try! 

But it's lovely to see some favourites in there! 

I loved Amanda's blouse! I thought it was stunning! 

Being that's it's Mother's Day I should probably mention the legend that is momma bear! 

I could go on about how lovely she is , but she already knows! 

Or how fabulous she is, but she knows that as well! 

All in all she's just a pretty cracking bird! 

(The bottom two pictures are from the coldest goodwood ever!) 

Much love



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  1. How strange! I got this book this week too for my birthday! (I sometimes worry we might be the same person, popping up on the same fb posts, getting the same Lovely pics btw :)


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