Thursday, 12 March 2015

Etsy update!

Anybody who follows me on Instagram might now what I've been working on today! Yes I've been adding more stock to my etsy shop! (A link can be found at the side of the page or this will send you to my favourite of my new items!

John Lennon cushion cover.

Sleepy owl cushion cover. 

Appliqué owl cushion cover.

Appliqué owl cushion cover.

UP! Cushion cover! 

Please come an ld have a browse! 

By the way do you like my lil photo bomber? The lil green owl was given to me by a super lovely customer and I've been using him as a good luck charm! 

Much love 



1 comment:

  1. Wow! The John Lennon cushion cover looks amazing! I adore the way you fill negative spaces up. After all, filling up the background is a great way to liven things up. Thanks for sharing that, Frankie! More power to you and your creative business! :)

    Jared Holmes @ All Web, LLC


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