Monday, 30 March 2015

Flogging a dead horse...

I tried to make the cami top from the new Gbsb book. Note I said tried!

I traced the pattern late at night, then realised I didn't have enough fabric to cut it, so I had to use a plan b fabric.

It's a silky scarf thing I brought from Rome for five euros, I actually used to wear it a lot until the edged started fraying. 

Next I realised I didn't have enough of fabric a for the a contrast frill, or fabric b, or c for that matter. Enter fabric d! 

I cut my pattern peices and I wasn't convinced, I sewed the darts and definitely wasn't convinced. Two French seams later and I started to think it looked a lil hideous. 

At this point I gave up, my frill was too thick, my material was too sheer and couldn't support it (and it's doing some weird sticking out at the back!) I have weird stripes across the body! It's a hot mess! 

So I took if off my mannequin and stuffed it in draw! I'll deal with it another day! Until then I'd rather sew something pretty! 

Much love


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  1. What a shame it didn't work out, looking forward to seeing your next attempt!!!


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