Friday, 20 March 2015

The sleeveless shell top and the walking potato

Drum roll please! 

This is my first make from the latest great british sewing be book! 

The sleeveless shell top! 

Here's what the model looks like!

And here's me the walking potato! After making this up I'm under the impression I should have cut a slightly bigger size, or at least lengthened it! 

Although I wouldn't have been able to lengthen it because the fabric came from an old summer dress that made me look 6 months pregnant! 

It's longer at the back because of the dipped hem! 

Okay so good points!: 

• i love the fabric, it's a crazy print but not so wacky that I won't wear it.
• I like the way it's constructed, it's super simple which is good, and I adore the longer hem at the back! 

Bad points:
• I feel like a potato, now in my head I know I'm not potato shaped, but the length of this top is just plain wrong on me! I am however wondering if it might work better tucked into something? Any suggestions on how I can style it better? 
• My hem is wonky.... Pure lazyness
• I should have played safe and cut a bigger size! 
• it's a lil snug at the boob area.

Which gets me to my main point, why didn't I cut my proper size? 

Right here's what happened, I measured myself and my waist measurement corresponded with my ready to wear size but my bust size corresponded with a whole size bigger on the sizing chart! But only by about half an inch, well that's a lie. A full inch the first time I measured myself and half an inch after I'd taken a deep breath. 

Put simply, I was vain. 

I succumbed to the little Diva inside me that said "THAT IS NOT YOUR SIZE!"

That's the thing though isn't it? With womens sizing, in primark I'm one size, in top shop another? In new look patterns one, in great british sewing bee another?  How does it work? 

Well it doesn't, it's called vanity sizing, you try something on and the lil voice inside your head says "ooooh I'm smaller than I thought" and before you know it your hands in wallet and your parting with your hard earned cash for something you don't actually want! Just because it fits!

So I've now vowed to myself I'm not going to vanity size, every time I pick up that tape measure I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god! 

From now on I am Frankie sized (also known as size awesome) and that's the size I will cut from patterns and buy from shops! 

And what is that size in the shops I hear you ask? Not telling it's between me and my god! 

Much love 

And embrace your size awesome! 



And major kudos to Tilly Walnes who wrote her love at first stitch patterns with her own version of sizing, and forced us to tell the truth! 


  1. What a great version, i love the print of your fabric! You do not look like a potato at all! maybe try it with a high waisted pencil skirt? I lengthened mine when I make this up to wear, that's the beauty of sewing for ourselves, we can choose what length our clothes will be.
    Thanks for buying the book, and can't wait to see what else you make
    Happy Stitching CL:)

    1. Thankyou! I think in going to take your advice and style it a bit different next time! The print is crazy fabulous it came from an old dress that had about 1.5 metres just in the skirt!
      I've already got another make from the book sewn up!
      Thanks for reading

  2. I've just found your blog and love the way you write it, it's like you're sitting with me and we're chatting over a cuppa! I'm impressed with your sewing skills, I have my first sewing machine and have only practised a few straight lines so far. I guess I just need to 'go for it'! This top is a lovely pattern and it looks a good fit on the photos. Looking forward to your next 'make' x

    1. Yes go for it! If your just starting out I would definitely recommend the love at first stitch book, it's like having your hand held by a very patient teacher, and them move in to a Gbsb book becuase they just have such a great variety of patterns!
      I'm glad you like the wag I write sometimes I worry I'm a bit informal ! Thankyou for reading!


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