Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sew Saturday! My Day!

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready..............

Wait no that's Eminem during a rap battle not Frankie gearing up to do her first ever sewing demo at Abakhans Hanley!

Although I was definitely nervous. As in awake at 4am, re packed my sewing box four times and sent up a few prayers to god nervous. 

I eventually got up at 7.30am mainly because staying in bed until my alarm went off seemed like torture. I started to get read, threw lil man into bed with Rikki, made a brew and then I was off to Hanley.

 When I got to the store they were already open and serving customers, I got their at 9.30 so I'd have half an hour to set up [and hopefully calm the blooming heck down] before my demo. As soon as I walked in I was met by the lovely Glenis who manages the store and is possibly the NICEST PERSON EVER! She made me a brew and we had a good gossip about all things fabricy and then I started. 

And I didn't stop!

First of all I showed a Young girl how to thread up a sewing machine as she'd got her first one and wasn't sure, then I made a regular daisy dachshund 

Then I made a small felt daisy one by hand!

Then I showed everyone how to do some really quick half square triangles!

and then I made a BIG dog using the enlarged pattern Rikki had sorted out for me [Our printer hates me and wouldn't do it but apparently if Rikki asks it to print something enlarged by 200% it will!] That dog turned out super cute and even had a little felt bow on its head ! I was rather taken with her and was going to take her home until she caught the eye of a small girl and well what can I say I'm soft as muck! 

And before I knew it I'd gone over my time slot and it was time to go home! 

And I couldn't even remember what I'd been nervous about! In fact I'd go as far as to say I had a brilliant time! I loved taking to people about sewing the the staff at abakhans were really friendly.

But what I liked the most was seeing how many young people were interested in sewing although it did upset me a bit that both of the young girls I spoke to said that their schools either didn't have textiles lessons at all or that they only had the opportunity to do it for a short time. 

By now I'd have expected schools to have realised that students have all kinds of different skills and to try and encourage them all! 

But it was nice to see them taking an interest and buying all sorts of crafty things afterwards! 

Here's me trying to turn through a lil tiny doggy tail, it wasn't going well mainly because I'd forgotten to trim off the excess fabric! I felt like a right Muppet! 

This picture was taken by my sister who turned up enforce with my mum and Aunty Debbie! And then later a lady I used to belly dance with came too! Although I didn't really get chance to speak to them I did really appreciate having some friendly faces around! 

  So yeah it was really really fun!

And a huge thanks to all the staff at Abakhans Hanley who were so nice and welcoming! And to Lisa for organising for me to do it!

Much Love




  1. Those sort of things always feel rally nervous before hand and then when you are actually doing what you do best you forget all about it. Good on you Frankie. Jo x


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