Saturday, 28 March 2015

English paper pieced needle books!

You may remember me saying yesterday that the issue of love patchwork and quilting magazine my sister gave me came with a free project! 

And how excited I was that the kit included everything I needed baring scissors? 

Well here it is completed! 

Isn't it adorable! I can't believe it all came out of a tiny packet! 

Or how quick it was to do!!! In fact it was so quick to do that this happened today! 

Yerp I raided my stash and made ANOTHER one! And it was purely a coincidence that I picked the same colour felts! 

I love them! And two needle books in two days isn't bad at all! 

I'm going to keep the original one, and I was going to give the second on to my sister but durr she has the kit herself! So I think I'm going to give it to my mummy, she's been doing some patchwork of her own recently and It will be nice for her to have somewhere to keep pins and needles! 

I do have a major problem though! Whilst sewing those tiny hexies I couldn't help but think about how quick and adorable they are..... And how nice a whole quilt might look! 

Someone save me! 

Much love 



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