Friday, 27 March 2015

If big sisters were flowers, you'd be the one I'd pick!

OH BOY OH BOY! Do I have some goodies to show you! For some reason I've been very very spoilt recently! But I am going to try and split my goodies into bitesize chunks! 

So part 1 comes from my big sister! Do you have a sister? Mine actually a pretty good egg as far as sisters go, she's taken me to concerts and fabric shopping and is a personal cheerleader for all things craft! And she's given me this! 

She accidentally ended up with two! Now I love love LOVE magazines! In fact if I'm feeling a bit droopy I cheer myself up with a magazine and a bar of chocolate, but other than that I don't really buy them becuase I just can't justify the cost! So this is a MAJOR treat! 

And even better it comes with a lil kits! 

With EVERYTHING included! (Even a needle!) I'll be giving this a whirl in a bit! 

And it includes some other quirky ideas! 

Patchwork clothes? Yay or nay? 

I can see my larger scraps being put to good use! 

My dad would love this fussy cut patch! 

Ladies and gentlemen (are their any gentlemen reading? Helloooooo?) I HAVE FOUND MY NEXT QUILT! 

Once I've finished the one I'm working on  of course. 

Or maybe a lil bit before! 

Now I've never ever ready this magazine before "patchwork and quilting" but I think I might consider buying it! It's a great layout, the projects are fun (something magazines can go too cutesy or old lady) and as far as I can tell most of the templates are actual size! ACTUAL SIZE! And as someone who has spent time tring to convince a library that they need something blowing up 133%, not 140% or 130%, quite simply 133% then it's quite refreshing! 

Much love



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