Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Another owl!

Hi my names Frankie and I'm a Netflix addict.

I have a serious Netflix problem, I've binge watched gossip girl, and mr selfridge , American horror story, countless Molly ringwald films and now I'm in to heroes. 

Luckily it's not a complete waste if time , I've been multitasking, sometimes I knit and sometimes I sew.

Today I sewed 

Another textured owl! Anyone sick if them yet?

Well tough! Because I still love them!!!! 

Vintage lace, beads, vintage buttons! All the usual suspects are included! 

The beading took forever! And ever! 

Now I just have to make it into a cushion, sighs (the boring part) 

I've also been working on my first project from the fashion with fabric book, it's sort if an upcycle , recycle hybrid type thing! Anyway hopefully it turns out okay! 

Much love



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