Sunday, 22 March 2015

Denim corset top!

Okay so I can quite safely say that I'm now okay with my sleeveless shell top! In fact I'm currently wearing it (like right this second) with my blue stretch pencil skirt, as per the thrifty stitchers suggestion (And my granny cardi, don't judge it's chilly)

But anyway post potato gate I decided to make something else from the Gbsb book! And I cut the right size! 

The denim bustier top! This is a pattern hack from the corset pattern! 

Naturally I didn't play exactly by the rules for starters I didn't buy 1m of denim fabric, instead I used these!

(Turns out taking a picture of blue jeans on a blue carpet is a lot harder than I thought!) 

I should probably mention that these came from mr knitwits wardrobe and he's scrawny, like super scrawny! (Ie not much fabric!) 

Gotta say I'm pretty dammed pleased! Even though it's a little big, I had to make it less fitted because I recycled the zip from an old tshirt in stead if buying an open ended one! FYI this means you can't remove this garment with any kind of dignity (it's kinda like putting your skinny jeans on after Christmas! That's a lots of wiggling!) 

I'm also trying to practise my binding (eurgh) so I went for an exposed binding instead of using it as a facing which the book suggests. It's wonky in places but it's not the worst I've ever done, and I quite like the pop of the red! 

Secret time one of the panels is from a different pair of jeans! Can you spot it? 

Also FLAT FELLED SEAMS! I did flat felled seams! They are grown up seams! And they make garments look like ready to wear! I'm super pleased I learnt a new technique! Even if I did spend ages putting it together and trying not to screw it up! An added bonus of flat felled seams it that the inside looks beautiful!

All in all, I like it! I have no idea when I'm going to wear it, unless bewitched make a massive denim based comeback and need another tone deaf member. C'est la vie! 

The shape is stupidly flattering and I'm tempted to make another in a heavy quilting cotton! Something with flowers and maybe a check , very sweet home Alabama! 

Much love




  1. HOT! This looks awesome on you, love the recycling element too. You really are flying through the sewing books aren't you?! I'm so jealous :(

    1. In a stay at home mum! There's only so many times I can run the vacuum round when my child is sleeping! X

  2. Looks great!! And all from recycling!!!


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