Friday, 10 June 2016

Blue Fade, Spiral Quilt Top

I made another baby quilt top! I like to have a little stash of these ready for when people announce that their expecting. And I'm expecting a few announcements what with those long saummer nights nights with bottles of wine...[funnily enough it also works work those longer winter nights with a bottle of wine]

Anyway after the success of my last spiral quilt I decided to repeat the process but wanted to try and get an ombre effect.

It turned out pretty good, and I like the two boarder effect I ended up with.

I made it in an evening and my sister helped me decide on how to finish the boarder.

Its all scraps from the quilting basket, I just need to pick up some backing and then bind it and I'm finished.

In other news I have my first child and man free morning in months. Sadly I can't sew because Rikki is upstairs napping after his night shift. Usually I'd risk sewing and keep my ears peeled for if it was making him restless but yesterday he had a horrible migraine and stayed in bed! and then went to work! Lil trooper!

So yeah so far I've done some cutting out, shortened the hem on a skirt and now I'm thinking of knitting. Mainly I'm just pottering about, and binge watching desperate housewives.

I've got to say as much as I love my boys, I do love having time to potter about in my own company.

Much Love 



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