Thursday, 30 June 2016

Prima daisy print dress

When I finished this dress I was all like "OMG this is bad"


and now its like "hmmm maybe its cute?"

And then I realised I'd made a dress for my baby god daughter in the same print and if somebody did a who wore it better she'd definitely win! And then I decided if shes going to upstage me then I'm not sewing for her anymore.

Yeah things went crazy fast!

It all started out with a hankering to try something new, I was going to make a lilou dress out of this cotton daisy print fabric I got from abakhans but then I was just bored withe idea. so I dug through my patterns and found a pattern by prima [which I forgot to photograph before I cut, Woops. But it was from 2014 anyway so Its not like your gonna be able to pick it up.]

The bodice is a simple darted bodice with a scoop neck and cap sleeves, and then the skirt is an a-line. In the image on the pattern the skirt looks bigger so I was a bit gutted when I tried it on and it was less big than I expected.

I shortened the skirt pieces by 3 inches and then had to hack off another 2 when I went to hem it anyway! And I scooped out the back neckline because the idea of having a high neck at the front and back made me feel claustrophobic.

The armholes and neckline is finished with bias binding and I hand hemmed it. The bodice is unlined but I finished all my seams with a second row of stitching and my pinking shears. To be honest I wish I had lined it but that might be a personal preference thing,

I cut out the pattern according to my size but OMG apparently prima patterns just require all of the ease! Its big and that what really got my goat. All i could think was I should have used one of the bodices I spent forever altering instead of rushing in and ending up with something baggy.

That was until I gorged myself on food and was like "oh wait, wheres the uncomfortable I might pop out of my clothes sensation?" I mean this might actually end up as my eating dress. Its kind of nice to be able to reach for more food without worrying I might pop out of my clothes [Prime example being when I wore my african wax print dress to the cinema, the fit is bang on...until you've eaten a tub of popcorn and a bag of smarties as well as guzzling down lovely bloaty coke. Then Its like wearing a straight jacket whilst trying to burp quietly.]

And I feel kind of adorable in it? Like the kind of girl who listens to indie music and has a cat named dog or something super hipster like that. [no word of a lie, I really want to be a hipster but I have no idea whats cool, whats not cool and whats ironically cool. So I'm screwed guess I'll just have to settle for being gawky. Plus I hate cereals and milk and I'm pretty sure eating cereals with milk in a cafe is the most hipster thing you can do]

Its shorter than usual which is a nice change and I think it will work for winter.

So the bad points:

the weird fade line in the fabric which made me want to cry [No idea how it got there, but if its wants to do one that would be awesome]

Its not lined 

I wish the skirt was a fraction fuller

Necklines a bit gapey

good points:

The print is all the 90's goodness rolled into one super cotton bolt!

the length, I'm embracing my legs

Room for a second slice of cake.... nuff said.

Darts hit the right place on the old bosom.

Looks adorable with my granddad cardigans and brogues.

And that's it really, I thought it was a complete flop but its actually not too bad. I think I like it better after seeing it in these pictures,

In other news! 

You may have noticed I been posting less often. I feel like a day on and a day off is a good place for me at the moment. It kind of felt like I was churning posts out just for content and to be honest it was all a bit soul destroying. I want to show you guys awesome stuff I've made that I love, or at least crappy stuff I've made but I can laugh about. Not stupid little projects that I've made for the sake of a post and then chucked in a drawer.

I'm also trying a lot more new techniques now so It is taking me longer to finish things.

I am considering posting throwback links to old blog posts as well. Mainly so I can see how far I've come but also so you guys can see some of the awesome crazy stuff I made when I started this blog! like this!

I think its just about trying to find my groove. 

Much Love




  1. Cute dress!! I can see it working with a fuller skirt too, room for cake is always good!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I think a fuller skirt is a must for this pattern x

  2. Really like this dress on you, think it looks great, you've managed to fit it really well and we all need cake room in a dress

    1. Definitely need cake room! Thank-you for reading x


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