Thursday, 9 June 2016

Learning how to do a rolled hem.

I have a fear of some sewing techniques, welt pockets, bound buttonholes, rolled hems......

All of these thing put a chill through me worse than seeing two programs on the sky recorder clashing.

Anyway seen as this year I told myself I was going to seriously up my sewing game I thought it might be time to tackle rolled hems.

So I pulled on my big girl pants, clipped on my rolled hem foot and cracked on

I'm not sure how clear this is because being an utter moron I decided to photograph black on top of black.

But it was absolutely atrocious. I mean horrendous. there were places that looked like the crimped edge of a Cornish pasty.

So I cut it off and started again.

And I kept doing that till I was happy. And in the end I got myself a nice little scarf with a not quite perfect, but sure as hell better than my first attempt rolled hem.

The fabric I used by the way was a perfect scarf sized scrap from my I shot bambi shirt

I'm pretty pleased with it anyhow, although I do now have a burning desire to tell people that I can "sort of" do rolled hems. And I'm even looking forward to having another go , especially since I've recently read that its easier if you do a line of stitching first.

Much Love



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