Thursday, 2 June 2016

Tartan Delphine Skirt

I had about a metre of fabric left after making my tartan pencil skirt so I thought it might be nice to whip up a delphine skirt from love at first stitch.

Every time I put on my first delphine skirt I think "wow I really like this I should make another" and well after saying that for about 2 years I've finally got around to it!

Its pretty basic construction wise, four pattern pieces and no darts. Its not particularly fabric hungry either I think I got this out of about a metre and that's with pattern matching as well.

I did have to cut the waistband on the bias though because there wasn't enough fabric to pattern match there. I'm glad I did though because its a nice feature. cutting the waistband on the bias did mean I interfaced it though, usually I skip the interfacing because 1. I'm lazy and 2. I don't think it added that much structure? I mean this folds anyway and its got interfacing, but I added if for this so my pieces wouldn't stretch out of shape.

As it goes The waistband didn't stretch at all, probably because of the interfacing but I had to steam the bejeezus out of the front skirt panel because it had stretched. Seriously I must have been steaming for a good 10 minutes trying to work out why it was shrinking back down to size but at the same time not really caring as long as it did.

The pattern calls for a concealed zip But I didn't have one to hand so I just did a lapped zip. [I'm pretty sure this zip came from an old pair of trousers]

Here's my pattern matching down the back, Its about 2mm out which isn't too bad.

And down the sides, all the lines match up which I'm happy with but I think because of the nature of the shape of the skirt this is as good as it gets pattern matching wise.

And here's the waistband lining, I used a teddy bear print cotton because.......well teddy bears?

So yes all in all very pleased, I made a nice job finishing it and I'm glad I took the time to pattern match where I could!

Much Love



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