Monday, 13 June 2016

New Makeup Bag!

This is what my makeup bag looks like..... Yeah seriously I have a LOT of stuff! Funnily enough when I was like 17 my makeup bag consisted on face powder, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, and that was it, I only needed four items it didn't matter if I was going out or staying in that was all I used.

Anyway I sat in the pub one night and showed my friend what I used and she was like "is this it?" Anyway in the end she ended up giving me a LOAD of makeup and showing me how to use and and suddenly my eyes were opened!

anyway this makeup bag situation is a big ridiculous, everything falls out all the time and me stomping round the house because I've lost my foundation at 7.30am when I NEED! to put some sort of acceptable face on for nursery is not a pretty sight. 

And surprisingly I use a lot of it, so a new makeup bag was needed and luckily for me I had a scrap of cute fabric lying around.

How adorable is this owl print? My sister and her husband brought it for me because they saw it and thought of me! and they posted it to me as well! which fills me with more excitement than it should because I never get post! 

Anyway its a basic square with a zip and a pocket on the front. I didn't really need to pocket but I had the fabric so thought I might as well use it. So far I've been using it to store my bobby pins and my compact mirror. 

The zip is from one of lil mans old hoodies and that's it really, I didn't line it I just threw it together whilst watching desperate housewives.

But luckily It fits all my makeup in!

So yay! and as a bonus! I made a skirt from this fabric as well an its turned out super cute! 

And hopefully Ill be able to get some pictures of that as soon as the sun decided to make an appearance again!

Much Love




  1. Lovely bag, it's easy to forget to sew simple things but they can be the most useful, super cute fabric too.

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