Thursday, 16 June 2016

Quick Toddler Pirate Costume DIY

Yet another costume for lil man for nursery, seriously its starting to feel like I'm making one of these very week. And if its not a costume its wear a certain colour or wear transport themed clothes or something!

Anyway this week was pirates, and being me I wasn't going to pay for a cheap and nasty costume instead it was just quicker to do some googling and throw something together!

Okay so from the top!

-Bandanna, this ones my dads which I stole years ago but you could just use a square of fabric.
- white shirt, Its raining today so we went with a shirt but I did have a short sleeved t-shirt option if it was warm!
- waistcoat, this is from his wardrobe and I just appliqued a quick skull and cross bones to the back.
-trousers, I especially put these to one side just in case I needed to do a costume, they were too short in the leg so I cut them down in a zig zig pattern. I might hem them into shorts now pirate day is over!
- red belt, this is just a long piece of red fleece but you could just use a scarf.
- stripey socks

as always the priority was making sure he would be comfy for the whole morning at nursery, and warm enough for the walk down.

He didn't seem to mind wearing this too much, I think he might be getting used to costumes a bit more now hes older.

I can't say I'd change anything about it I think he looks pretty good to say it took about 10 minutes to make and I didn't spend any money!

Much Love




  1. Ah, he looks fab. I had to do Roman day yesterday for my 8 year old. I can see now why the little hat didn't fit!! I thought he was a very little boy. Jo x

    1. haha no hes a very big boy now! which is a bit heart breaking ! x


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