Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Owl Print Box Pleat Skirt

First of all the quality of these pictures is just not good, please don't blame me... blame the muggy, awful weather we've been having. 

Anyway recently my sister and her lovely husband sent me some of this awesome owl print fabric because they saw it and thought of me!

Anyway when I first saw it I had to have a good think about what to make. I thought this might be a bit too twee for a skirt and I had almost convinced myself to make a full set of bags for when we go away. I was about one step off cutting out when I thought to myself, jeez Frankie don't be a massive bore! Just make a fricking owl print skirt for the days you want to pretend to be a 1940's housewife! 

So I did! [as it goes I had enough for a makeup bag as well!]

I used the box pleat skirt pattern from the 2nd Great British Sewing Bee book, and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised it's a pretty good fit straight out the bag and with only having three pattern pieces to trace its not overly mind numbing.

Its actually a pretty quick sew, and I think I'll make it again as I love the look!


I did encounter my biggest pet peeve. Side zips. 

eurgh side zips I just hate them, I really can't explain it more than that they just suck and make me feel wonky! So I'm going to alter the pattern for a back zip instead! 

I've already took an inch off the length, which is pretty standard for my short lil legs!

I''m not sure what type of fabric it is? Its not heavy enough to be upholstery fabric but its got sort of a canvas feel to it? It works nicely for this skirt though and it sewed up really nicely too. 

I always struggle to style lighter skirts but I think this top works pretty well. Actually that's a lie, I struggle to style anything lighter because I'm a messy person and I know Its inevitably going to stain.

I think the two box pleats at the front and back are pretty flattering for my shape. 

Construction wise there's not much to say, it went together pretty quickly. I didn't baste my pleats in I just pinned them. Its a lapped zip with a button tab. Although I think the pattern calls for a hook and bar but I thought it would be a nice opportunity to use one of my single buttons [sounds a bit like a personal ad doesn't it really, single button seeking fabric for fun, fashion and maybe more?] 

I stitched in the ditch the waistband down, its not perfect but its not awful so I won't be getting my seam ripper out. 

I didn't bother pattern matching but I did spend a long time trying to work out which way to use the fabric. I'm pretty sure I've got it the right way but the owls are pretty random so I'm not sure it matters.

And I whacked a lil label in right at the end!

I'm trying to put these in all my me made clothes, every time I iron I seem to be sewing one in!

Much Love




  1. I have labels and I only sew them into something that I am really proud of. I don't seem to want to put my name to everything I make(harsh, I know!) That skirt deserves a label, it looks really good, fun and goes well with the shirt. Jo x

    1. Thank you it is a really fun skirt! I just wish the weather was better again so I can wear it! x

  2. The fabric is perfect for the skirt, it gives you a lovely shape. I have some of those labels and put them in most makes, I dream of the ones which have my name on that I have seen on some blogs but can't warrant the high price of them. Lynsey

    1. oh those labels look lovely but they are just so expensive! I brought this ribbon from hobbycraft I think it was about two pounds! x

  3. Cute skirt. Perfect fabric.

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