Friday, 3 June 2016

Patchwork Hexagon Floor Cushion

Yes this was going to be a quilt, but I don't need another quilt. At least not at the moment, I do have an idea that when we have a new house and I've chosen the decor I'm going to make a quilt for each room. But so far that's just a dream!

So instead I put all my hard work to good use and made myself a big ole floor cushion. Luckily its an actual useful thing that I've made, I've been wanting something to sit on when I'm chilling out after yoga, [technically its meditating, but using to word meditating makes me feel like I'm posing in the body of some awfully zen and put together person. When really I do yoga in holey maternity leggings and watch the Kardashians whilst I do it]  

And also because when we have guest over I usually end up sat on the floor, not because or guest are awful and inconsiderate, but mainly because I'm a big fan of personal space.

So yeah anyway construction wise I just cut a back and then stuffed it but first I had to remove the hundreds of paper hexagons and that was an absolute hoot! Who knew how annoying removing so many bits of paper could be!

I did get some cute posing pictures of little man with it though.

Not gonna lie, I did bribe him with a sweet. Yep in the morning after breakfast I'm that sort of mum!

Here he is enjoying the fruits of his labour. well the sweet of his labour. Funnily enough it took about 10 minutes to get him on the bloody thing and then he wouldn't get off it.

And he says its very comfortable, and I agree!

So im calling this a huge success!

one question though, 

now what an I going to use for my English paper piecing needs?

Much Love




  1. Love your cushion, I have made lots of hexegans and couldn't decide what to do with them' this is a great idea. Thank you, Lynsey

    1. Ooh if you make one you'll have to let me know! X

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