Sunday, 26 June 2016

Wrap Yoga Pants

This might be the oldest project I've ever shown you. These are the trousers I made during my first few textiles lessons at GCSE. So yeah they are OLD! 

Our lovely textiles teacher brought some of those wrap beach trousers on holiday and brought them in so we could all copy them and make our own versions. Naturally we had to do some changes to fit our body shapes, mainly on the hems and waist, but I also remember a good deal of giggling from us about having to measure our crotch curve.

They wrap at the front and back in a pretty similar way to the vintage top I made.

I was so darn proud of these trousers. I was the only one who went out and actually brought fabric instead of just sing the nasty cotton from the textiles store. I'm not sure what the fabric is but its heavy and drapes beautifully, its also a lush shade of aubergine. 

It also frayed like a mother and meant I was the only girl in the class who got to use the over locker. Funnily enough I had to overlock each leg in a separate lesson because I need "supervision" and in between lessons somebody changed the over locker thread from black to white and my teacher was all like "can't you just use white on the other leg?"

  Um can you just breathe water and not air? Yeah I made her change it, I have standards woman!

I also gathered mine at the ankle because otherwise they flap around and expose your legs.... and nobody needs to see that! They also have little hand embroidered flowers and sparkly bits sewn on. Teenager Frankie was a HUGE fan of embellishment!!! 

I actually hated my textiles lessons, not because of what we learnt or the teacher just because nobody actually cared and I REALLY cared. Even at a young age textiles was such a huge thing to me.

Embarrassingly I actually used to loose it if somebody used the machine I was on and ran the bobbin out. [I'm thinking about it now and I can feel my blood boiling!] And its not even like we didn't have enough machines! there were plenty!!!

But that was NOTHING compared to the cheating that went on!

I can quite safely say I sewed every stitch on every project I handed in, but I think I may have been the only one! So many of the girls in my class left with the bundle of rags they were calling a project on one night and then suddenly arrived with haute couture the next day.

"no miss, my mother/nan hasn't helped me, this is all my own work!"

Yeah love that's why I've been threading your machine for the past six weeks!

Anyway why are these back in my possession! I needed yoga trousers and my mum still had these squirrelled away! [Here's me getting my yoga on being all zen and stuff]

And I've gotta say I had them on all last night and they are pretty darn comfy!

Kudos young Frankie, Kudos!

Much Love




  1. You are sounding like a nightmare student!!!!!

    1. I was a lovely student, I worked hard and always listened I just had high standards x

  2. Nice yoga pants. I tend to live in mine too. :)

    1. Sometimes I do yoga in them, but mainly chocolate wine and sewing!!! X

  3. They would be perfect to wear under my belly dance skirt, you got me thinking now...Jo x

    1. Do it! If you want me to send you a flat picture and dimensions I can!!! X

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