Friday, 24 June 2016

Daisy Dress For Pudding

I cut out a dress recently and found myself with a small piece of fabric left. well a medium sized piece, Not quite enough to make myself something but a bit too much for it to go in the scraps box.

Luckily for me I have a lovely lil god-daughter "pudding" and it seemed a shame not to make her a lil something.

Now normally I don't do children, there's a few I like [my own included] but mostly I just think they are sticky, loud, obnoxious little beings. 

I like pudding though, luckily for me shes still small enough to think I'm humorous and doesn't require much more attention than the odd silly face!

Anyway the pattern came from the second great british sewing bee book, but I omitted the collar and added a ruffle along the bottom. For a dress the pattern seems very short?

I lined the bodice and left an opening in the back neck so it can be easily gotten on and off. I used an odd button and a loop for the closure.

I put lace trim around the join between the skirt and the bodice, mainly because I was caught up in a whirl wind of adorable baby making! Luckily I had just enough of this lace to do it!

I spent most of my time basking in how adorable it was turn out and the rest of the time trying to make sure there were no scratchy seams.

I top stitched the neckline and armholes so everything would stay in place and so It wouldn't need ironing.

I'm really pleased with this, It was actually quite nice to make something for someone else even if I don't think I'll be doing it a lot! babies grow too fast!!!

And I'm definitely glad I added the ruffle onto the bottom!

Now I just have to hope that baby likes it, mum likes it and that it fits!!!

Much Love




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