Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Machine Stitch Sampler

I ran this out on one of those days where I needed to sew but I had no inspiration so I just sewed.

I did every stitch my machine has to offer, I sewed one straight line and then moved along to the next.

I used the recommended stitch settings for each one [which luckily my machine tells me]  

and put it all on a scrap piece of calico I had,

and then when it was finished I put it in a frame.

It definitely got me out of my funk but weirdly I want to make another using a brighter colour and a nicer fabric. 

I think its a great little project for getting into your sewing machine groove, In fact I might see if my sister wants to do one to try and build up her confidence.

Its a bit wonky though so that's something I'll have to watch for next time!

Much Love




  1. A friend of mine did similar to investigate all the stitches on her new machine and made it into a cute pin cushion.

    1. Oh a pincushion is a nice idea too! X


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