Sunday, 19 June 2016

Prima Sleeveless Jacket in Suede

Okay so its not a success and its not a failure. My very lovely pen friend sent me this prima pattern after seeing that Lisa Comfort from sew over it had made one and she thought I might like to give it a whirl. And she was nice enough to send this fabric as well and I manged to squeeze it out so I could make my own.

Now it could be because I've never worn a sleeveless jacket before, but I'm not quite sold on how it looks on me. At least I don't think I am, For starters I don't really have many long sleeved tops. In fact I had to take these pictures in one of Rikkis jumpers and that I'm feeling a bit potatoey at the moment anyway, due to you know, that babe mother nature. So that might be effecting how I feel.

That said, this is some of my best sewing to date! 

Its fully lined, I finished the arm facings and hem by hand, and that people is my first ever notched jacket collar.

I really took my time on making sure it was made as well as I could manage. But I didn't use the instructions, I'm starting to think I have something against instructions but sometimes OMG they just complicate matters to the extreme! So for this I flew solo, ignored the instructions and ploughed ahead!

Lisa actually mentions in her video that she didn't think the instructions were great and that a beginner would struggle and I agree. There's not a huge amount of detail on the pattern pieces and cutting out the lining pieces was a bit of a mind boggler.

I added the belt myself because its always worth having a tie waist option but now I'm not sure if I prefer it open? Or if it might ject look nicer with one of my black leather belts?

Here's the inside lining, I really am proud of the finish on this. I just wish I had pressed it better. In fact I'm thinking I might get my Mother in Law to have a go at pressing the collar and stuff because shes really pretty cracking with an iron. Whereas I'm just not good at ironing at all.

I am pleased with the collar I think its even and for my first proper collar I'm pretty darn chuffed with myself!

The outer fabric is an off white suede which sews lovely but hates to be ironed, and the lining is some sort of synthetic thing I had in my fabric cupboard. The armhole facings should have been done in suede but I ran out of fabric. They are stitched down nice and neat though and you cant see them when I'm wearing it,

I folded to hem over once and finished it with ribbon like I did on my cape. It takes a while but I prefer this finish because it can't be seen from the outside. Plus it means you can use sparkly gold ribbon , and well who needs an excuse to use sparkly gold ribbon?  

Here's another picture of the collar just in case you hadn't realised how chuffed I was already!

So what changes would I make if I made it again? [which I think I might, but in a grey wool]

- do the longer length, this isn't too bad but I am aware that it hits me right at my widest point my hips.
- Put pockets on. I really wanted pockets on this one but I ran out of fabric. My next version needs pockets.
- Get enough fabric [goes without saying really doesn't it]

So yeah I am pleased. I just think its a step out of the old comfort zone! It was lovely to try something new though so thank you to lovely pen friend for sending me the stuff!

In other news

my hayfever is raging

I've got my sewing area back!!!!!!

And I'm hoping to be able to share a new and exciting project with you in the next few weeks!!!

Much Love




  1. Lovely make, I think you were right with the belt, I think I'd be the same in needing some waist definition. It looks really well made.

    1. thankyou, im really pleased with the finish x

  2. Looks super sewing! I prefer it without the belt.

  3. I think it is gorgeous! Very cute and probably versatile too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think it is gorgeous! Very cute and probably versatile too! Thanks for sharing.


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