Saturday, 4 June 2016

Finding Me Mades at my Mum and Dads

Every time people go to my mum and dads they comment on how many things they have that I've made! So I thought it might be fun to do a Frankie treasure hunt around their house and see what I could find! WARNING : this is a pictures heavy post!!!

Canvas I did of my mum for her 50th birthday.

Box I made in year 8 woodwork

Valentino rossi canvas I did when I was about 17?

Marilyn monroe sketch for mother day this year.

marilyn monroe painting I did age 20?

Batik and embroidery makeup roll, year 8/9 textiles

Wooden box with metal bits, no idea when I made this!

wooden pig! Year 7 woodwork, my first time using the jigsaw!

Snake pot! primary school! the only time we ever used the bloody kiln!

Micheal schumacher! last year? pretty sure I blogged this!

Minion! last year?

1920s lady print, drawn when I was 17

Eiffel tower, no idea?

textured wreath, recent

painted this on a wall! when I was about 16

Painted this on the wall when I was about 18?

wooden spoon, year 10 woodwork

Vw campervan doorstop, 2 years ago

cross stitches, [mum and dad use them as coasters] year 2 primary school!

Leaf! Year 1! I got an award for this! apparently my colours were very realistic!

The original owl! about 4 years ago for mothers day!

wine coasters! this mothers day!

wooden clock! year nine woodwork!

fluffy cat! to commemorate my mums cat that died! [also holds doors open]

wood burnt door sign [theres a proper name for this but I can't remember what it is!]

So yeah there's a lot of stuff I've made in their house and I'm pretty sure I missed some stuff!

Much Love




  1. Love it!! Can't believe your mum and dad have kept so much that you've made for so long. You have obviously always had crafty leanings. X

  2. Wonderful Frankie. You are a talented artist and I think you and your Mum look very alike (judging by that first picture).

    1. Haha everybody says that! We do look very similar, we both resemble her dad more than we resemble each other x


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