Saturday, 11 June 2016

Experimenting with Embroidery Feet

I don;t like to toot my own horn but I was a pretty dab hand at free machine embroidery back in the day. It was a focal point of my art textiles alevel and I spent hours whizzing around on the machine.
I found it very relaxing [Apart from the time I caught my finger in the needle.....that was not relaxing]

Anyway I was pretty disheartened to realise that 6 years of not practising has left me VERY rusty. I brought my foot off amazon for under £2.00 and it fits my machine like a dream.

First I practised some free motion quilting, I'm not sure what the techniques are called but I like the squiggle one and the pebble looking one best. I still need a lot more practise before I try this on a quilt first.

And then I tried to do a picture, I ran out of thread before I could do the eyes properly so please forgive how creepy he looks! This is still very wiggly! 

I enjoyed doing it again, but I need a lot more practise before I can start using it on quilts! Although I have no idea how I'm going to negotiate that amount of fabric under the dammed thing and still stay in control.

In other news, I so tried! this muggy hot weather is really messing me up sleep wise! 

Much Love


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