Saturday, 2 July 2016

Crazy Baby Bibs!

I love my sister in law. She has zero fear of print, colour and embellishment! Even if its all in one outfit! Which is why I knew I could go as crazy as I wanted when picking fabrics for her baby bibs!

First of all I picked a scrap of african wax print to make this bib that's actually pretty dammed awesome looking!

And I backed them both in this awesome diamond print because as I said she has no fear of colour!

And then I did a slightly tamer one in a piece of owl print. because well red and sparkly doesn't go with everything! [this one badly needs an iron!]

But I still backed it with the crazy diamond print! Both bibs are reversible, and close with press studs. I used my own pattern and ran them up in about half an hour. I might make a few more yet but I think twos a pretty good start for the baby's gift hamper! 

Much Love




  1. Oh they are amazing!! Luck lucky baby - and good for your sister in law for thinking the brighter the better!

    1. Thankyou! Hopefully she loves them! I think they'll get a lot of bibs!!! X

  2. Lovely and funky bibs, I have a pregnant friend so might need to sew some bibs up but might wait until she pops as she's not found out what it will be, not helpful for us sewists :) X

    1. I know! do these people not understand that we need to plan ahead! Its just rude! Saying that one of the ladies at my nursery was told she was having a girl and brought all pink stuff and then a boy popped out!



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