Saturday, 21 February 2015

What's a toile? Like a muslin... A draft.... It's me giving it a go!

I'm becoming quite a fan of making a muslin. I never used to do it, I was very much a fan of winging it. But I've come around, I've made them for my trousers and megan dress, these were both throw always but now I've made a wearable one for my lilou dress! 

This is the last dress from love at first stitch (please let a book number two be in the works)

It's a little bit big (I'm gonna shave another cm of each side Seam for my next version) 

The top part is a piece of cotton from my grandmas stash, I'm pretty sure it's a quilting cotton. And the bottom is a bed sheet. To be honest I didn't have a long enough peice of either fabric! But I think they effect of the two fabrics is quite pretty. I used an old piece if white sheet for the lining (smug face, I made a lining) 

That's the excess, but I'm leaving it becuase I'm hoping that it will be nice and cool for the summer, that also explains the length, which is a bit more modest than I usually go for but I needed something auricle for rtips to nursery in the summer (didn't quite fancy flashing my pants to all and sundry) 

And it has twirlability! 

For those of you who weren't raised by the zoo I like to call family, twirlability is the name my tomboy sister gave to dresses with full skirts. According to my mum the only way you could get my sister into a dress when she was younger is if it had twirlability! 

All in all I love it! And it brings out the goofy so yay! 

Stay tuned for version two! 

And congratulations to tilly for being awarded best book of the year! It's definitely well deserved! 

Much love 




  1. I LOVE the dress. I love the fact you used fabric you had on hand! I LOVE the twirlability. ;)

  2. Twirlability is a still a standard dress measure, I used it when picking my wedding dress :p xx


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