Thursday, 26 February 2015

A new Lilou and a lesson learned

If I could give you two peices of advice it would be these: 

Always wear clean pants
And don't combine your first time working with slippery fabric with your first time pattern matching! 

That's what I did , I decided for my second lilou (from love at first stitch) I'd use the lovely striped drapey fabric that I got from abakhans, I could tell you what it is but I think it's poly something? It's slippery and silky and it moves faster than a hyperactive toddler when you try and cut it! 

Now that's all very well and good until you realise that all the stripes are a continuous pattern of different sizes, and that all you have to do is blink and you pinned fabric shifts half a yard! 

So I patiently (whilst cursing) pinned the folded fabric along each stripe so I wouldn't move! Then I pinned my pattern pieces and I cut. And I'm not sure I took a breath the whole time. 

Anyway after swearing profusely whilst cutting the bodice peices I decided that a  gather skirt as suggested by tilly would look much better (and not require me to pin anymore blasted pieces!) so I used the snip and rip method to get perfectly sized skirt pieces! 

Anyway here it is....

I think it's a super cute summer dress, the bodice is still a little big but I'm calling  that Icecream room. 

The back gapes a little bit too? What is that? Where do I need to adjust? Is it my shoulders? Do I have a "sway" back? What's a sway back? Somebody help me!!!!!

I like the horizontal and vertical stripes together! Makes me feel like a circus tent! (In a good way) 

The only thing left to mention us that I top stitched me sleeves and neckline, it's just a personal preference thing. 

Now shall I make one more lilou and try for the perfect fit? Or shall I make a megan? Decisions decisions!!! 

Much love 




  1. I think it might be a combination of a long bodice and sway back (I have the same problems, my waist is higher than necessary lol). Next time I would shorten the bodice a little, and maybe dart the back?

    Love the dress, awesome pattern matching skills as well btw :) And ice-cream room? We should be friends lol

    1. I've tried shortening the straps and that seemed to help but I'll try some back darts aswell! X


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