Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It's a monster mash!

I'm not sure whether this is a refashion or a repurpose? 

Basically I've made a dress! I used the bodice from my simplicity 4070 pattern, which I made using some spare suede fabric I had from recovering the living room cushions and the skirt is made from this. . 
This is a silk dress my mum picked up in a charity shop, (when she brought it the front had some kind of beading so she harvested that for her own projects) and I got the dress which was made up of the front and back panels and the lining. 

As the lining and front fabric were different I split them into panels then frankenstiened them together to make a panelled skirt. 

I'm actually kinda pleased with it even if mr Knitwit does think it's very brown! 

I took the zip from my fake Louis Vuitton handbag that I brought in Rome,It was falling apart but the zip was still working and it's a pretty substantial zip! 

The skirts gathered quite simply onto the bodice. 

And seen as it was a bit sheer and less poofy than I thought I lined it with this old shawl! It's got a nice velvet floral pattern on it so some of that peeks through aswell. 

And the best bit? 

That's a fully lined bodice ladies and gents! Using scraps from a projects yonks ago! I love that you can't see any raw edges! 

Bodice fabric - free
Skirt fabric - free
Skirt lining - free
Zip - free
Bodice lining - scrap so therefore free!

Yay free dress! Even if it is a bit brown! 




  1. What fabulous upcycling & repruposing - well done! Looking forward to following your crafty adventures :-)


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