Saturday, 7 February 2015

Broderie anglaise Mimi blouse

I'll start off by saying I'm sorry if that's spelt wrong, my spelling is hideous as is and I'm pretty sure that word isn't even English so I've decided to forgive myself, I hope you'll do the same. 

Anyway grammar aside here's my Broderie anglaise Mimi blouse. This is my second mimi blouse and comes from the now legendary love at first stitch book by tilly walnes.

I was lucky enough to recieve the fabric in a giveaway on handmade janes blog. The fabric is from dragonfly fabrics (the same place my butterfly fabric came from for my skinny clemence) however unlike the butterfly fabric I ordered 2metres of this lovely stuff and not a teensy amount.

Now I'm gonna level with you, it's got holes in it and it's pretty sheer in some lights. But I'm lazy and I used to be a bit of an exhibitionist (back in the day) so I didn't let it slow me down (read- I really couldn't be bothered to line it, if the police end up involved for public indecency I'll just put a  vest top underneath) 

Anyway here it is, I used the same size as before. 

But for reason I instantly liked it better? The gathers seemed to work better? And we're more pronounced than my first version? 

I did have two difficulties however :

1- I set an entire sleeve in the wrong way and had to unpick it, not much fun! 
2 - my interfacing just wouldn't attach! Seriously It took some ironing magic to make it happen. I used a lightweight interfacing that's available by the metre from Minerva fabrics and I've never had any bother with it until now? I am starting to wonder if all the stitching across the fabric and the holes might have been a factor? 

The buttons are from my stash and all my button holes worked first time! Yay! 

I'm calling this a success! I feel like I want to make one more for myself in a darker colour and momma Knitwit has hinted that she might like one of these in a similar fabric for herself! 

Much love




  1. Broderie anglais are french words and you typed them correctly, trust me I'm French ! Your Mimi blouse is gorgeous !! Well done ! It's on my to do list but because of the button holes, I always procrastinate this...

    1. I'm glad to recieve a French seal of approval! My machine has a buttonhole foot which I was terrified of using but works like a dream! After a couple of you tube videos aswell of course!


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