Monday, 2 February 2015

Knitting magazines and some good news!

Luckily for me Mr Knitwit nan has been having a clear-out again! and this time she found some old knitting magazines!
this was the first magazine and these are the two patterns I found most interesting!

this appears to be a slipper pattern that ISNT written in the round! 

And this jacket just looks stupidly cosy and cuddly!

The second magazine contained this gorgeous pattern for a lil girls cardigan with embroidery! So if one of my friends could impregnate themselves with a lil girl that would be awesome!!!!
Now I just have to get round to knitting them all!

In other good news the lovely folks at Minerva crafts have featured my navy megan dress on their blog!!  

I feel rather proud of myself to be honest! 
Much Love


  1. Congratulations! Your dress is perfect

    1. Thank you it's far from perfect! But I love it anyway! X


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