Monday, 16 February 2015

You don't need three sewing machines! You can't use them all at once! X

I realised I never gave you all a good look at my latest sewing machine that I got for Christmas! 

It's already had some TLC! Grandad shipped it off because he wasn't happy with the cable situation! He used to be an electrician so I trusted his opinion! And he said he'd put me at the top of his to do list so I was happy to let him take it! 

It came with the booklet and the little box of attachments.

And some oil screw drivers and bobbins as well as the key to get the box off! 

That's the original wire! 

That lil lever is how you alter the stitch length. 

And that's the tension dial! 

It's a top loading bobbin which still throws me! I've only ever used bottom loading! 

It's such a beautiful machine! And I can see why so many people still use them! 

This is my third sewing machine to date (well technically there's four but ones strictly for display!) 

And ones in the loft and only comes out for specific projects due to the needle only sewing nicely when it's off center, although I did fix this by measuring from the side needle position and taping a new 5/8 seam allowance using electrical tape! So I'm sure that will be coming out when me and my sister are sewing coats side by side! 

So what do I want next?

An overlocker - lidl did a great deal on overlockers before Christmas but sadly I missed out due to not being speedy enough , the customer care lady said some stores sold out that day and that they were completely sold out after three days! 

A singer treadle! - you know the one with the pedal underneath? Like she uses in "war bride" , Brillant film by the way! 

A Potters wheel, - mr Knitwit said he could probably make one of these for me but then realised if need a kiln , so this has been shelved until we win the lottery (and Patrick swayze turns up)

A loom - not like a huge Victorian child labor one, but I'd like a small one. So I can weave little things, my nan and grand had a cigarette tray made from an old shuttle and I found it fascinating! 

So yeah that's my current wish list

Much love




  1. What a lovely Singer! And you are so lucky to have the original book! I also was too slow for the Lidl overlockers, race you next time they do it!!!

    1. The woman at customer services said becuase the deal was so popular it will definitely be repeated this year. She also said to keep a look out at also becuase they tend to use similar suppliers and do similar deals xx


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