Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentines jumper refashion!

I love valentines day! I know it's gimmicky  but a day that includes flowers and chocolate can never be bad in my opinion. And seen as mr Knitwit is exactly verbal about his emotions it's nice that's there's a day that forces him to be. 

Saying that this year I will be spending the morning with the other live of my life little Knitwit, waking Rikki up in the afternoon, packing him off to work and spending the rest if the evening watching gossip girl and sewing! 

Yerp looks like I'll have to be romantic all by myself this year, but I'll still need something snazzy to wear! 

(I'd like to say i don't do a valentines refashion every year, I'm not that sad! So I'm blaming the mind numbing amount of cough medicine I ingested last night) 

I started with this

Cue a new neckline

Oh that's a bit low! I'm gonna need a vest top! 

And some bias binding 

A lil bit of love 

And some hand sewing 

Some placement 

And voila finished!

It's super tacky but also kind of adorable! And I can't wait to see me knitwits face when I wake him up wearing this! 


I chain stitched the "I". The "you" I'd running stitch and the heart is appliqué.

But this is the best bit! 

I'm so soppy 

And apparently not sick of him yet! Sometimes I even astound myself! 

Much love




  1. That is pretty adorable! xx

    1. Thankyou! I always find it more fun to go compleatly in the direction of insane and kitsch! X


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