Sunday, 15 February 2015

Up, up , up and away!!!!

Did you all have a lovely valentines? 

I did I got most of the sewing on a new dress done and watched "the talented mr ripely" which is up there with my top ten favourite films! And the costumes are awesome! 

I'm in love with this skirt!!! And she looks so beautiful although I'm pretty sure gwyneth Paltrow could wear a bin bag and still look beautiful! 

And then during the day I did this. 

It's based on my original up! Embroidery which I sold on etsy. I love the movie so I thought I better replace it. 

I love doing embroidery but I can never find the motivation to make them cushion covers! 

I love buttons! And this is so great for show casing them! 

Much love 

A still slightly under the weather




  1. I remember that movie. Such a cute idea!!!

  2. Very nice! Maybe you should team up with someone who will make them into pillows, or just hang on the wall in the hoop, or another frame. That is a great movie, I agree!

  3. I love to stitch during movies too. Lovely little project! ;)


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