Monday, 9 February 2015

Excess fabric...

We've all over ordered on fabric or quite simply had some left from a project. 

But what do you do with it? I use the medium bits for quilts and backings and appliqué, the really skimpy bits go to little knitwits nursery but sometimes there's bigger bits! 

And sometimes you can squeeze another garment out! 

The fabric is what was left of my navy stretch suiting from Minerva fabrics after is made my megan dress. 

And the skirt pattern is from the great British sewing bee sew your own wardrobe book (although I had to Frankenstein the front together) 

I went for a sailor vibe with two big white buttons as decoration .

And too stitched all my seams open, which left a really nice finish on the inside. 

The fits pretty good is slinky enough to be a pencil skirt but there's still room for cake. 

And it's got a cool split thing at the back (although I had to stitch mine shut a bit becuase it was indecent) 

And it goes with my first megan top! WINNER! 

And I got two garments from two metres!

Much love 




  1. That is such a cute skirt, and I really love the contrasting top-stitching. A fantastic use of leftover fabric! :)

    1. Thankyou I was so pleased I managed to squeeze it out! And it forced me to practise my top stitching x


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