Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Full Clemence skirt!

Here's my full clemence skirt from love at first stitch! Basically for this one I used full pattern pieces and didn't just squeeze it from the bare minimum of fabric! 

Disclaimer- aware posing, terrible lighting and spectacles, I've had a spot of conjunctivitis becuase of my cold, apparently it's quite common in people who wear glasses.

I squeezed it from the last if my brodiere anglaise fabric. That I also used for my mimi blouse which means I can pair them together and they kind of look like a dress!

The lace you can see peeking out is my slip the fabric of the skirts a bit thin so I have to wack a slip in or I'll be showing my under garments to the world.

It's lovely and full skirted it sort if makes me feel like a ballerina!!! 

And my zips are getting better! Now I fully intended to do French seams on this and I did but them I attached the waistband on the wrong way round, so rather than undo my waistband and stitch in the ditching I just unpicked one side of the French seam! 

It was actually a pretty good way of correcting the mistake! Ever cloud eh! 

Much love 




  1. Just been having a good old catch up on your blog and you seriously need to teach me some of your sewing skills!! I'm useless when it comes to sewing, I can just about sew a button back on! You've done a great job with this skirt :) xx

    1. Thankyou! It's easier than it looks! X

  2. WOW great outfit love the skirt and the lace from your slip showing so sexy

  3. Love the slip showing,a real woman!wish more would wear slips! And your glasses are sexy too with your come to bed eyes!you know how to turn a bloke on!


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