Wednesday, 18 February 2015

These are my feet this is really the only angle I've got ...

I made slippers! Well like little sock ballerina things! 

Please ignore my pasty white legs! They are from a back issue of knitting magazine that I was given by nanny. And I knitted them in a lovely lilac wool given to me by nanny. I brought the buttons though! 

They knit in the flat which is nice for beginners like me, you just have to watch your increases and decreases. 

Now the heel is a big square on mine, which is either a pattern flaw or a Frankie flaw , and seen as I can't see the models heel in the magazine, I'm gonna say pattern flaw! 

There's also an option for crochet edging but me and my hook are on bad terms at the moment. 

Now after wearing them today I can say they are nice and warm even if they are a little big. I'm tempted to make a pink pair and put some ribbon on so I have ballerina slippers that will definitely stay on! 

Have you been knitting recently?

Much love




  1. I made a pair just like this before christmas, and I ended up threading some ribbon through them to make them stay on too! They're cute, perfect for a gift for someone as well :)

    1. I can see me making a few pairs as gifts ! Definitely think ribbon is the way to go x


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