Sunday, 8 February 2015

Is it an A? Is it a rocket ship? No actually it isn't..

This is embarrassing, there's nothing worse than the thin line between success and failure, but more in that later! 

Welcome to a first for my blog! A step by step refashion!!! (I'm not calling it a tutorial becuase I think that pretty hard for refashioning, unless you stalk me and find an identical jumper , and identical buttons, and fabric....  You weirdo) 

Anyway I started with this! 

A too small mr Knitwit jumper, in grey in a lightweight knit fabric.

I took out the faux tee shirt thing (let's all just take a moment to giggle about the fact it looks like knickers) 

And removed the buttons! Meh still hideous! 

So I cut a new neckline and stitched on some bias binding. 

Which I then folded back in! This wirks in two ways you get a clean edge and (hopefully) your garment won't fray. 

Voila! There's a little bit if bagging at the neckline but I like the slouchy look! 

Next I channelled my inner old man and decided elbow patches were the way to go. Luckily I have some faux leather ones in my stash so used that as a template for my new ones (using scraps from my mimi blouse fabric) 

I cut interfacing the same size and stitched up up pairs. 

Next I hand stitched them to my elbows on the jumper (it's worth trying on for this, my elbows are not where I thought they were) 

Now I decided I needed a lil something more! 

I folded a peice of paper in half to get a semetrical shape and voila! 


I drew the shape on my top using the template and cut a fabric one which I then covered in buttons! And then stitch to the top by hand! 

Please excuse how awful I look , the boys have been poorly and mama is exhausted. 

Now here's my problem , I wanted an Eiffel Tower ! Which I think it looks like! Mr Knitwit however says I'm channeling Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks and lil Knitwit keeps saying it's a rocket ship! 

What do you think? 

Much love 



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