Sunday, 28 September 2014

When bad crafts happen to good people...

I'd like to sit here and pretend that the sewing and knitting gods smile on everything I make and that everything's perfect. But that would be a massive lie, since I've started blogging i would say at least 30% of my projects don't make it to the blog purely because they go hideously wrong. 

Now over the last week I've been feeling a little low (I think I was just tired after everything that's been going on) but seen as I'm feeling a bit more sparkly at the moment I thought I'd try and put a smile on everyone's face , just in case someone out there is feeling similar to how I felt last week. 

Right so on with the giggles, just before the craft fair, after a glass of wine and a browse on Pinterest, I decided I needed a stuffed toy for the fair, something for the kiddies. I decided to do a bunny rabbit complete with ears and tail, the wine in me decided my quickly knocked up pattern was fine and the optimist inside me (who was also on the sauce) thought it was all a wonderful idea. 

This is what came out.... 

Needless to say I immediately private messaged an image to my mum and sister and some rather blue jokes followed. 

Yes it looks like something from Ann summers and if you can't see that, your more innocent than I am! 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's easy to believe that the people behind the blogs we read actually have these perfect little lives , free from drama and mistakes. But that's not true. Not everyone makes perfect projects everytime , so if you do screw up, please don't feel bad! 

I hope my little rabbit gave you a good giggle , I'm still not sure how I managed to produce something so rude looking from such lovely foral fabric! 

Much love



P.s and please feel free to direct all lewd humour to the comments box! 

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