Friday, 12 September 2014


Okay so it's actually happening . The craft fair I've been working towards is tommorrow! And to put it bluntly , I'm pooing myself! 

I've been working flat out , sewing , knitting, reading craft fair tips, harassing family members (sorry netty and mum) and generally panicking! 

And knowing that d-day is upon us how do I feel? Well dear reader I feel like crawling into a bottle if jack Daniels! However instead I'm going to load my car with monster/owl hats , owl doorstops and the adorable cushions I finished only last night, we don't fly by the seat of our pants here we rocket by them! 

I'm going to end by saying , thank you to everyone who has urged me along! My momma and netty got being at the end of the phone (or the fabric scissors) more times than I can count , and for talking me off the ledge on a daily basis! To mr Knitwit for being patient with the mess! Ally for giving me no choice and forcing me to put myself out there! Nan and grandad for wool and woodwork galore ! Bestest Knitwit for choosing what colour I painted my nails (sometimes the simplest tasks need help) and for everyone else who has given words of encouragement! 

Whether I sink or swim it's been one hell of an experience!

Now just to let you know , if things go well I'll probably add to the wealth of internet knowledge and do my own craft fair post . If things go badly? I'm going to find the biggest box of thorn tons possible and eat myself happy! 

And rennet folks if you free tomorrow elworth Methodist church is having a craft fair starting at 10am and it's gonna be awesome!

Much love



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