Monday, 29 September 2014


Does anybody else binge read blogs? I do , every time I find a new blog I read as many post as I can physically manage in one sitting. Which is what I've done with "re fashionista" after reading a few (50) posts I thought I better take a good look at my own wardrobe. And then the purging began. 

I set myself rules, anything I hadn't worn didn't go back into the wardrobe, anything stained or holey? Bin! 

It did mean though that I ended up with some things that could do with a bit of refashioning , I started with this. 

Which I'd already refashioned once it used to have poofy sleeves and a large lace collar but I took them off ages ago just becuase they seem to get in the way and it made me look like I was a five-year-old. 

Sadly though it still wasn't getting worn, in the end I took a good look at it and decided the reason I wasn't wearing it was because I hated the elastic around the waist it was making  me feel constricted and it was just too uncomfortable.

I'm so out it came! 

Hey look there's a tent! I decided I didn't like the idea of having another tent style dress so , what I actually wanted to do was give it a high front and a Low back however I I'm screwed up a little tiny bit and ended up just being a level top in sort of a trapeze style! 

 I didn't hem lining because it's the type of fabric that doesn't Fray and I only turned over the gauzy hem once becuase I didn't want to loose to much more length after my high low hem accident! Instead I ran the open flame of a lighter along the exposed edges and let the bit that might fray melt a bit. (This is the laziest type of hemming I do! ) 

Warning though: always do a test on a peice of scrap as it only works on man made fabrics I.e fabrics that have a little plastic in! 

And open a window the first time I used this technique was on a stage costume and I flame , de frayed 24 seams. Let's just say the pink elephants didn't leave till a week later! 

I guess this counts as a top tip! Ooh rant I posh! 

Much love 



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