Saturday, 27 September 2014


For those of you that don't know me, when I turned 18 I worked in one of my home towns local pubs. I didn't really get the job so much as fall into it, I had no experience, no c.v and no interview. In fact the only reason I did my first shift was because one of the regular barmaids had called in sick, and the reason I kept the job? She ended up quitting and they needed someone to fill in her Monday night shift. And so my barmaid career started! As it goes I was a fairly awful barmaid , my boss once told me I needed to smile more or wear lower cut tops. I'm not proud of my decision.
Anyone who's worked at a popular bar on the weekends will tell you it's like a workout, there's beer, fights, police, tears aswell as barrels that need changing. The Monday nights however were quiet and pretty awesome.
Aside from the few walkers and tourists I had pop in I had my regulars, some if the best people I knew. They were all friends and took me right under their wings , I thought they'd forgotten all about me, until one if them contacted me and asked for an owl! 

Something brown and fluffy! 

It turned out adorable , and as it goes it's going to be called "little Frankie" 

Really makes me miss my regulars if I worked it out I probably spent about 220 hours with those fun and kind people! 

This incidentally was brought by Mr Guinness, (whiskey on weekends).

Much love

And nostalgia



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