Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Want not waste not

I don't like throwing things away, in fact if I didn't live with mr Knitwit I'm fairly sure I'd be one of those people who see on obsessive compulsive cleaners (not the one with the Hoover, the one with 7 cats and a million books and a broken teapot) 

Mr Knitwit is forever telling me to throw things away, however when he gave me this empty whiskey tin I couldn't throw it away! Not when it's perfect sewing bin size! 

I've been needing a little bin for ages so I'm dead chuffed that I can repurpose this! 

Also pictured are my sylko pin cushion , I think these must have been part of a giveaway at some point , my mum, nan, grandma and neighbour all had one ! Does anyone know where they came from? Either way it's a cracking pin cushion! 

And then there's my foral scissors , an old friend brought these for me when I was making costumes for a school production. I was forever loosing scissors and she thought having a brightly coloured pair might help! Sadly we've lost touch but I've still got my scissors so her theory must have been right! 

Other than this repurposing triumph the rest if the day hasn't been successful sewing wise, I'm having some trouble with my margot pj bottoms , specifically the channel thingy! I'm not sure if I've screwed the pattern of if the patterns screwed me but either way something's gone bum up! (Probably me )

I'm going to try and tackle it tommorrow and them SUPER careful with my next pair!

Much love 



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