Friday, 19 September 2014

How do you describe a walnut, without saying its a nut?

I haven't been a bad blogger! I promise! Last Monday was my birthday and that very same day mr Knitwit , lil Knitwit , the in laws and the grand in laws made our way down to centreparcs for a little holiday! 

It was lovely! And here follows my lil review of centreparcs Sherwood Forest! 

Accommodation I really can't fault it, we stayed in a villa , and it was lovely and clean , we had two toilets and a separate shower room! And all the bedrooms were spacious! 

Food a lot of people say it's very pricey , but we didn't think it was too bad , and everywhere we ate was lovely, there was also a good selection of kids options

You can also have takeaway delivered to your accommodation! A bonus if your two year old has decided to worlds ending or just because your a bit peckish!

The grounds safe, well laid out and peaceful! Everything is based around a central village , but there are trees everywhere. And more nature than you can shake a stick at! Fish, birds, rabbits and that many squirrels that little Knitwit lost interest in them! 

Activities, we tried....
Bowling, very reasonably priced and great fun for the whole family! 

Swimming, I like this the best! And because the pool is open till 9.00 pm me and mr Knitwit popped back for a second swim later on. Although I warn you later in the pool becomes a bit of an adults playground ! In general that tropical paradise had, two slides, one big slide (awesome) and a rapids slide aswell as a wave pool and hot tubs! 

We also did miniature golf , which safely I got no pictures of! 

And lil Knitwit and daddy even managed to sneak in a game of squash!

All in all? We all had a lovely time , and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to holiday in this country we had a blast! There's a lot for kids and everything is clean including all of the toilets! And kids changing rooms! 

Wowser! 10/10! 

Now back to the best bit! My birthday! Prepare yourself for a sewing related, birthday haul post! I was spoiled rotten! 

But here's a preview

Seriously don't know how I've survived this long without a pikichu onsie! 

Oh and I also got this little guy at centreparcs 

Another owl for the collection! 

Much love 



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