Saturday, 20 September 2014

Bless em, they're not as dim as they look

As promised I thought I'd share my sewing related birthday presents! 

First and foremost! I got a rotary cutter and mat! 

I already love it, and have no idea how I survived without out it! Even if mr Knitwit does refer to it as the fabric pizza cutter! This present is all thanks the mummy and daddy, and it came with a bundle of Christmas fat quarters aswell!

I also got this lil book on styling vintage! (Big sister always finds the best books!) and I've already read it cover to cover! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes playing around with vintage looks! 

Momma and daddy Knitwit also added to my book collection with this beauty about vintage fashion! I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many books about clothes, or well books for that matter! I think this is what's called a coffee table book? But I tend to refer to them as mummy time books! 

And it has beautiful full colour images! 

And mr Knitwit really outdid himself book wise! 

I'm a massive marvel nerd so this book pushes my buttons in all the right ways ( anyone who thinks superheroes pushing your buttons is wierd obviously hasn't seen Hugh jackman as wolverine) and due to the HUGE amount if illustrations I think I'm going to be seeing some marvel based embroideries in my future! 

And my last sewing related gift (I got a lot of none sewing related gifts as well including the pikichu onsie I shared yesterday) this is the one I hinted for, it's basically the one I demanded. And it's the one that lovely big sister and brother in law got me! 

Tada! I got it! Yay! Love at first stitch now resides at my house! YAY! 

Now so I don't get over excited and storm in all guns blazing here's what I plan to do! The projects are set out in order of difficulty, perfect for beginners like me who are just learning to make clothes "properly". So I'm going to start at the beginning and work my way through! And the plan is to do one version as the book states, and one variation, so by the end I should have two versions of each piece ! (And after I've finished , which I'm determined I will ! I'm going to treat myself to the coco pattern! But only after I'm finished! ) 

I'm really hoping this book will give me a better knowledge if dress making! 

Now the first project is the Bridgette scarf, so keep your eyes peeled for the original version in all it's glory and my altered style! 

Much love



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  1. It's good to have you back :) I'm hope you had a nice holiday & am glad you liked your presents xxx


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